Have you ever thought of taking a railway holiday but then thought better of it and decided on something else instead? Well here is a unique idea for those who want to experience what it would be like to live on a railway train, or at least a portion of it. Railholiday Vacations out of the United Kingdom has done just such a thing. This family owned company decided to restore railway cars and rent them out to people who want to experience it and surprisingly it has taken off in a big way.

In 1995 the company restored what is referred to as “The Old Luggage Van” and the demand was so overwhelming that they then added another called “The Travelling Post Office” to their St. German’s location. They also have a second location in Hayle where they have added the St. Ives Bay SK2 carriage. The popularity of the Railholiday seems to have taken off since its inception in 1995.

The company may only offer three railway cars, but they seem to be doing a booming business. The Old Luggage Van in St. German’s station currently offers accommodations for four (this will change in later 2011) and is perfect for a small family or a couple. This is the rail car that kicked off the business and proved to be so successful that they then added on the other two cars. The Travelling Post Office is also located in St. German’s along the rails which makes access for trips during the day a feasible reality, plus the ambiance of the old railway carriage makes for a lovely holiday spot.

The St. Ives Bay SK2 carriage is located in Hayle and offers a trip back to a different time, a slower time without all the hastiness of today. This carriage is currently split into two vacation areas sleeping 6 and 8 respectively or for larger families or perhaps a large group of friends the rooms can be open to accommodate them all. Locally there are many things to do and things to visit during the peaceful days of your vacation.

For those who always wanted to ride the rails or for those who just think it would be fun to stay in a converted train carriage, this is the place for you to enjoy your holiday.