Small Boulangerie Chain Serving Good Coffee and Delicious Sandwiches

On a recent trip through Gatwick Airport’s South Terminal, we were amazed to find the independent boulangerie and coffee chain, Apostrophe. Not your typical terrible airport fare, Apostrophe serves excellent coffee, delicious baguette sandwiches, omelette-filled croissants and pastries and, unlike most coffee shops, everything is cooked or grilled on site while you wait. If you’ll be heading to Gatwick’s South Terminal, give the rest of the cafes a wide berth and order something at Apostrophe instead. It’ll get you in a great mood for your upcoming flight.
What is Apostrophe? – A small British-owned independent cafe and boulangerie chain, Apostrophe currently has around 14 locations in and around London. Known for its Italian coffee and incredible sandwiches, Apostrophe started with just one branch in London in 2001. It’s grown every year and finally branched out to both Heathrow and Gatwick airports, and travelers have been thrilled ever since.

Where is Apostrophe at Gatwick?

You’ll find two Apostrophe locations at Gatwick Airport. One smaller one before you go through security at Gatwick’s South Terminal and a second on the second floor of the International Departure lounge, once you’ve checked in and gone through security gates. The second Apostrophe is a large open-plan contemporary cafe with comfortable seating, wooden tables and benches and a large counter where you order your food and drinks.

What Does Apostrophe Serve?

Bored with the usual airport fare I see at most international airports, every time I’ve traveled through Gatwick I’ve been amazed at what good food the British manage to serve, and Apostrophe is even better than most.

With a large menu that includes various baguette, croissant and other bread sandwiches with lots of choices of filling, there’s also croissants stuffed with various omelettes, pastries, savory baked goods, soups and stews and a great selection of muffins and cakes. All you do is order at the counter, even pointing to which particular sandwich you want, and your sandwich will be grilled for you and your other food prepared while you wait.

We ordered ham and cheese sandwiches on white baguettes and large non-fat lattes. The sandwiches were grilled while we waited and, in literally less than five minutes, we had the toastiest and tastiest grilled ham and cheese sandwiches I’ve ever eaten at any airport anywhere. The lattes too were large, rich-bodied just like I love them, and really hit the spot. In fact, my latte was so good, I drank the first one in three minutes flat and ordered another.

Price-wise, Apostrophe too manages to deliver

For a large grilled ham and cheese baguette and a large latte, the total price was just over 5 pounds 50p ($8.70), not too steep and quite inexpensive compared to most airport food around the world.

Apostrophe at Gatwick Airport serves a great meal, snack or dessert in a casual, contemporary environment a little away from the noise of the main airport departure area. If you enjoy something a little different, and don’t want to suffer through the usual expensive, cardboard airport food, Apostrophe might just be your spot.